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At Generations Dentistry, we accept all insurances and will gladly submit the claim to your insurance company after each visit. However, we are not an in-network provider with any insurance company. There may be a difference in what you receive in benefits when seeing an in-network provider versus an out-of-network provider. We do recommend that you check your policy before becoming a patient here.


After a visit with an out-of-network provider, if your policy does not pay the benefits in full for your visit, the difference remaining is your responsibility to pay. Once we do receive payment from your insurance company, the payment is applied to your account. If there is a balance, a statement will then be mailed to you.


For any dental work that needs to be done, we can submit what is called a pre-treatment claim to your insurance company. This claim is submitted so that you will know before your scheduled appointment what your estimated out of pocket expense will be. When that information is received from your insurance company, we send out an email detailing what insurance is expected to pay, and what your portion will be. If you have any questions regarding your policy, please do not hesitate to call the office. You can speak with either Jessica or Kathleen.

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