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Dentistry With a Plan


What is restorative dentistry? It is simply restoring a person’s oral health. Oral health comprises all of the teeth, the bone surrounding the lower third of the face, the ten different muscles that help those teeth work and the TMJ. When a tooth is lost, or teeth are worn down, major consequences result for the muscles, bones, and joints. Just removing a tooth can cause drastic effects to the bite as well as the head and neck. At this office, we focus on the patient’s whole mouth, head and neck. Restorative dentistry is only done well when there is a plan. Gathering all of the information first is the only way to formulate a treatment plan specifically for you and your smile. Each person has different bone and muscle structure that are attached to the teeth as well as different oral habits. No one smile will ever look the same; so, why should we try to make them that way? When the mouth functions well, the smile will look great. 


A Restorative Treatment Plan

We always start with simple dentistry before restorative dentistry is begun. Get rid of infection, cavities, gum disease, bacterial infections, and muscle and joint issues. After the basics are completed, it is time to take models as well as pictures of the teeth. Dr. Trentalange will then process all the data gathered, create a treatment plan, and sit down with you to go over all the information. Working together to find the best treatment for you is easier when all the information is accumulated, thus, resulting in an informed decision.  

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